Coaching – when now means now


Work on a window or the Big Picture

As a sole trader or small enterprise, you often have limited resources when it comes to making important decisions or handling unexpected challenges in you business.

There’s no HR department you can go to, and this means you have to choose your solutions carefully, which again means you’ll need time to think before making decisions.

That’s were our coaching comes in. If you are stuck, or even if you just want to stop and figure out what should come next in your business, then coaching can be a good way to move forward.


We don’t give advice.
We provide a space for your solutions to occur.


Maybe you are facing the following:

  • The relationship with your supplier or customer gets tense and you need to improve it.
  • You want to improve your services or products, but don’t know where to start and what is most important.
  • You have hired your first co-worker(s) or made a long term contract with another business, and need to ensure that corporation will be effective and efficient.
  • You want to develop your employees and don’t have the necessary skills (or the size or resources to hire an HR-manager).


Practical details

Edgeware coaching-sessions come in two versions: through the ‘Window’ (a 30 minute one-time coaching session) or through the ‘Big Picture’ (“per minute coaching”).


The Window: one single coaching session

1 x ’30 minutes

This is a good choice if you have a one-time topic you want to get on with here and now, and you don’t want to invest too much and end up paying for something you don’t use.


The Big Picture: Pay-per-minute coaching sessions

4 x ’30 minutes

If you choose to buy 4 sessions at once, you can use them per minute. That gives you the most efficient use of your time. You decide when a conversation is over so you are in control of how much time is necessary for the topic you bring in.

This is also a good choice if you are in a process where you need several follow-up conversations on the same topic in order to stay focused, keep up the momentum for change, and to make sure the change you want really happen.

Success is a journey,
not a destination.
Ben Sweetland