Rethink, the big quit, the great resignation, the reshuffle

The World has Changed

Work is Changing

Time To ReThink

We know there’s a profound shift in the workforce – the Big Quit, the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle. Even before the pandemic, many were unsatisfied by their jobs. (Anthropologist David Graeber identified whole employment segments as ‘bull***t jobs’).

  • Many of us are considering our working lives (and our personal lives) from a fresh perspective.
  • Many of us want to work in a way that makes money but is also personally meaningful and socially responsible.

Edgeware’s DNA is MAKE MONEY, HAVE FUN, CHANGE THE WORLD, and our tools and strategies are built on co-locating the financial, the personal and the social.

What’s going on?

How can I make a living, doing something I love?


Am I ready for a ReThink, a change in perspective, a back to basics, nuts and bolts, authentic, personal, pragmatic, honest, no-bullshit re-framing of who I am, my purpose, my passion, my strengths, my resources, my challenges, my potential … some tools, some skills to help me plan and move towards my Preferred Future?

What is self employment?

What is a portmanteau career?

It’s certainly about the money and material conditions, but it’s also about what makes work worthwhile – a working life in which there is some agency.

Our Offer

In one short, powerful online coaching session you can ReThink in either of two modes: ‘one-to-one’ and ‘group’.

One to One is intensive and focused entirely on your particular journey.
The Group Workshop uses the same tools but opens up dialogue with fellow travellers, learning from others and their responses to the same inputs.

3 hours

3 tools

Real change

EITHER: 1:1 Workshop

1:1 Following a preliminary email questionnaire, we’ll arrange a focused online workshop session with you.

Prior to your session we’ll send you worksheets for the three key tools you’ll learn to use, and focus on these during the workshop. (We may use other Edgeware tools as well).

Your session is unique, responsive, and designed to very practically assist you to find clarity through:

(a)  an understanding of where you are (NOW);

(b)  an understanding of your Preferred Future (WHERE); and

(c)  a workable HOW – a ‘to do’ list of TATTS (Tiny Achievable Tick-able Tasks) which will help you move from your NOW in the direction of your WHERE.

The 1:1 Workshop option is focused intensely on your particular case and context, with less of the group dynamic we offer in the ‘group’ version.

The workshop comes with a follow-up hour of 1:1 coaching to be arranged to suit.

USD 560

OR: Group Workshop

Getting together with other participants in our workshops means getting inspired by the world around you.

Through working with our tools and reflecting on the results, the group will automatically share insights that will benefit each one in the group.

The Group Workshop uses the same NOW-WHERE-HOW logic, the preliminary email questionnaire and the worksheets that allow us to focus and enliven the experience.

In the Group Workshop we make particular use of Jesper’s expertise in working with groups and taking advantage of the know-how that is brought into the group.

The workshop also comes with a follow-up hour of 1:1 coaching to be arranged to suit.


USD 560


We think it’s important to follow through because feedback tells us that the three hour workshop is quite intense, in 1:1 and group modes, so it’s good to allow time for reflection, and perhaps to try things out.  We’re particularly interested in this – the TATTS, actions you decide to take, and what they teach you.

This one hour session is offered free of charge at a time we decide works for your plan.

Included in both choices

Who Are We?

Michael Doneman

Michael Doneman

M.A., B.A (Hons), GradDipTeaching, SFHEA


I help people make a living doing what they love. I create learning experiences which are personalized, meaningful, practical and fun.

I founded Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship, a business training and coaching company, and maintain my own coaching practice. I have a background in community cultural development, and find inspiration in cross-cultural work across business design, coaching and mentoring, and vocational education and training. I am passionately engaged with the Indigenous cultures of my homeland, and continue to learn from them.

I’ve danced around universities for years, as a course convenor, lecturer, designer and facilitator, and recently I’ve worked in social enterprise, innovation, entrepreneurship and health/wellbeing. Now I just do what I love – research, non-fiction and creative writing, and coaching/mentoring work like ReThink.

Jesper H Christiansen

Jesper H Christiansen

PCC, Solution-Focused Coach and Kaospilot


My many years of experience working with groups helped me make the ReThink group workshops exceptional and highly interactional.

I use the dynamics and know-how of participants to create a tornado of creativity and innovation that will bring you new insights into what is important to you.

My background is as a trained Kaospilot (Project Management and Entrepreneurship) and a Solutionsurfers Brief Coach Instructor.

But what I see as an absolute value to others is being a sole trader for many years. This has taught me how to look at my surroundings with care, respect (and provoking) curiosity.

One point that really stood out for me was running with the future (flow) and not being the librarian of what I’ve already done.

– Alison Sheehan

The course gave me greater clarity and focus. A lot of the ideas and techniques can also be applied to personal life - which was another unexpected bonus. It was fun, positive, educational, motivating and very professional.

– Catherine Moine

Affiliating, actualising and animating potential in self and others, as with and for self and others, selflessly for others and selfishly for Self. Stumbling over Self while strategically stepping back then rapidly, rhythmically running rearwards in an improvised dance causing all kinds of marvellous accidents.

– Andrew Outhwaite

Edgeware has been a powerful experience that has expanded my vision of the world and all its infinite possibilities. The Edgeware process created a vessel, a container if you like, into which ideas, information, exchanges, experiences and encounters were poured.

– Kristin Granger

It inspired change within myself.

– Faith Foster

The Problem and The Solutions

Make Money

How much is the money actually worth, and what do you pay for it? Do you feel a bit stuck, a bit same-same?

Would it help to change your way of thinking? About your work, and the role of work in your life and the life of those dear to you? And still pay the rent?

Have Fun

Is there a better version of you? Is it fun to do what you do, the way you’re doing it?

Have you looked at the options? Do you need clarity about the things you might do to make change?

Are there small, measurable steps you can design into your own, unique pathway towards a Preferred Future?

Change The World

Have the goal posts shifted? Is the work you need the work you’re actually working? Do you have the feeling that this significant portion of your life is unfruitful, unexciting, unchallenging?

Do you think you have more to give, to contribute, both for your own growth and for the good of others?

What’s Going On?

News & Research

The Great Resignation: How employers drove workers to quit

“The early days of the pandemic reminded us that people are not machines … If you’re worried about your kids, about your health, financial insecurity and covering your bills, and all the things that come with being human, you’re less likely to be productive.”

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The not so ‘Great Resignation’ takes over Europe

“Soon enough many employees realized that there’s more out there for them; that they’re wanted; that they’re no longer afraid to speak up/ask for more; that they don’t want to get back to the office; that they don’t have to put up with peers they don’t agree with, etc.”

Read more.

Pandemic fuels ‘Great Resignation’ in UK job market as workforce rethinks career priorities

“The UK is not alone as there are similar challenges across the European stage. Germany had the most Covid-related resignations (6%), followed by the UK (4.7%), the Netherlands (2.9%) and France (2.3%).”

Read more.

Invest In You: Ready. Set. Grow.

The ‘Great Resignation’ is likely to continue, as 55% of Americans anticipate looking for a new job.

Read more.

Why The Great Resignation is Happening in Western Europe Too

“The pandemic fundamentally changed many things in young Europeans’ lives, but nothing more so than their career plans and paths—and not just because so many lost their jobs.”

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How I became an entrepreneur at 66

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Take it from Paul Tasner — after working continuously for other people for 40 years, he founded his own start-up at age 66, pairing his idea for a business with his experience and passion.

Watch presentation.

Counting the Cost: How Businesses Risk a Post Pandemic Talent Drain

“As businesses in the UK and Ireland set their sights on recovery and a return to business-as usual, a talent exodus is on the horizon. Over a third of employees (38%) are looking to change roles in the next 6 or 12 months (both 12%) or once the economy has strengthened (14%). Employers are well aware this is on the way, with nearly half (45%) of HR decision makers saying they are worried that staff will leave once the job market improves. Yet, despite this, only a quarter (26%) of HR decision makers say that talent retention is a priority for their organisation over the next 12 months.”

Read more.

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I have to say my world has changed since meeting you. I'm more focused about the direction I want to take my business in. Having that focus means that people are beginning to respond to me in a different way.

– Janelle Evans

I'm impressed with how you've drawn out my ideas and brought them into perspective to what to focus on first - what's important and how I can achieve goals that I have set for myself through this process.

– Briana Enoch

A self-development and creative experience that was nothing short of breathtaking.

– Mike Boyd

When I began Edgeware I was confused about my intentions and under pressure from other events in my life which were making decisions necessary but very difficult. I really needed a process which gave me inspiration and encouraged decision making. But I also needed a process which allowed me to progress at my own pace and make decisions my way. If it added a dash of inspiration that would be good too. In Edgeware, I found it all.

– Ross Peddlesden

Thank you for the skills I have acquired. In my 24 years as a manager I have participated in many training programs, both formal qualifications and internal workshops and never have I acquired so many skills so quickly, which I can apply immediately.

– Wayne Lee

The program gave me confidence. It's simple, hard to do and achievable.

– Donna Moodie