The Big Retain

Edgeware has developed ReThink, a short, sharp and effective intervention to enliven the workplace and counter the ‘quit’ phenomenon.

Responding to the Big Quit

Comprehensive recent research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that ‘The Big Quit’ (the ‘Great Resignation’) has permanently changed workplaces and workplace cultures. The effect of the Covid pandemic has substantially exceeded the impact of the Great Recession and the Dot Com bubble, and companies need to adjust.

One way to do that is to engage employees in a collaborative and co-creative process of rethinking their workplace and working culture. Employers and employees can use the drivers of the Big Quit crisis to invigorate and achieve more meaningful, more rewarding work. We call this


Michael Doneman and Jesper H Christiansen have for many years…


Edgeware has developed ReThink, a short, sharp and effective intervention to enliven the workplace and counter the ‘quit’ phenomenon.

This involves groups of 10 (maximum) workshopping online for three hours to co-create a vision of the Preferred Working Environment for their organisation.

Then, one-to-one, participants receive coaching to help them realise their personal role in the process. This is grounded in short purpose-designed assignments before and following the workshop.


Workshops of 3-12 participants introducing the essential tools of Edgeware Creative Thinking

How Does It Work When It Works?

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During the retaining process, we will contact each employee with questions related to the usefulness to ensure how this works for them and what needs to be adjusted along the way.


Individual Sessions

After the workshops, an individual session will bring on further progress and clarify what keeps the employee motivated and feeling belonging to the organisation.

Bottom Line

Something about the added value we bring in.

How will this help retain staff?

  • Direct engagement with immediate material concerns – environment, remuneration, conditions
  • Greater sense of agency in their and satisfaction from their work
  • Stronger connection with organisational culture – a sense of validation and belonging
  • Increased and more effective communication among work groups and teams

ReThink is designed around a suite of simple decision-making tools derived from Edgeware’s DNA, make money, have fun, change the world, namely:

  • Financial and job security (make money)
  • Personal meaning (have fun)
  • Social responsibility (change the world)

The Edgeware tools are derived from:

Simple, flexible and effective tools created for developmental work in Australian Indigenous communities; plus
Focused and future-directed Solution Focus methodology

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Links to Studies

Empirical evidence for the “Great Resignation”

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

‘Assessing whether the quits rate during the COVID-19 pandemic differed from the quits rates seen in prior macroeconomic disruptions was the primary motivation for this research. The results so far have shown that although the quits rate had been increasing since the end of the Great Recession, it accelerated soon after the onset of the pandemic. That the average quits rate during the pandemic differed statistically from the quits rates of earlier macroeconomic events (at the national and regional levels and by firm size class) confirms the Great Resignation phenomenon.’

‘Given the empirical veracity of the Great Resignation (relative to prior macroeconomic disruptions), a continuing pandemic pressure (at sustained or higher levels) on the wage-to-profitability ratio may motivate accelerated investments in labor-saving solutions, such as those driven by technology … Organizations need to reimagine work and redesign the workplace to accommodate the postpandemic employee in a way that meets their risk management and performance objectives.’

Monarch Global

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