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– a time-out for coaches and their business


For coaches who are running their own business and want a time-out to develop, change and innovate their coaching business.

3 hours = 3 innovative tools

The online ReTHINK for coaches workshop creates new perspectives and examine actions that you can take in your coaching business based on the Australian EDGEWARE Creative Entrepreneurship principles:

What makes your business financially sustainable?

What is so exciting that it keeps you awake at night?

What difference do you make? 

The ICF Global Coaching Study from 2016 shows that 94% of all coaches offer one or more services than just coaching.

That makes it interesting to look at what we – who run our own businesses and don’t live fulltime of coaching – can uphold a professional coaching position and maybe even extend our coaching service.

We love to coach but either we don’t have clients enough or just not the mental capacity to coach full-time every day.

So how do we find the right balance between coaching and other services we offer in our business? Do you want coaching to be fulltime or do you enjoy the diversity in your work? Either way – how do you maintain a satisfying balance?


Are you able to live off your business?

Is your business financially sustainable? Do you focus on only one service or do you offer other services that can help your business be sustainable?


What excites you?

What keeps you awake at night (the positive way)? What happens when you work that makes you forget time and place?


What do you do that makes a difference?

What is it that you do that is more than just in the interest of you (and your business)?


  • Welcome
  • How the ReTHINK tools work – mindset and principles
  • Tool 1: Present state – where are you right now?
  • Reflexions



  • Tool 2: Success – what is a success for your customers, and how do you support it? 
  • Tool 3: Next steps – Creative planning – keep moving
  • Reflexions – where are you now?
  • Goodbye: out of this workshop and into the world
Rather than wasting time on yesterday that is gone, it is better to invest your time in tomorrow that is not yet born.
Ravi V. Melwani

This is a special one time offer for coaches who want to work on their business in a different and innovative way.

No big long term strategies but tangible every day next steps towards a desired future.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to mail Jesper!

Powered by EDGEWARE


– three innovative tools that will make you able to act and learn in the interaction.


What are you up to?

Create an overview of your customers and what you offer. Where’s the money, the heart and the difference that makes a difference?


Make your customers shine!

How do you support it and more importantly HOW do they know you support it?


So what?

What can you do now, and what do you need to do first? And… …how will you know that you are moving in the right direction?

Jesper H Christiansen

Jesper H Christiansen

Coach PCC, ICF accredited coach trainer, board member of ICF Charter Chapter Denmark

Jesper H Christiansen lives in Switzerland and Denmark and has been a self-employed consultant and coach since 1997, working for both private and public organisations, small and big businesses.

Since 2014 he has been an ICF Professional Certified Coach and is also certified as a Solutionsurfers Brief Coach and trainer.

Next to his consultancy work, coaching and offering coach training, Jesper has for several years been working closely together with Australian EDGEWARE Creative Entrepreneurship.

One of the many results of this collaboration is this online workshop ReTHINK for coaches, which you now can benefit off.


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